Winners Gallery
Our November Winner, Linda Moran of WA, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our November Winner, Linda Moran of WA
Son of Keiron Lewis, our October 2012 Winner, enjoying daddy's sick new DHD Board
Son of Keiron Lewis, our October 2012 Winner
Our August Winner, Bec Lachlan of NSW, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our August 2012 Winner, Bec Lachlan of NSW
Our July Winner, Fiona Casey of NSW, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our July 2012 Winner, Fiona Casey of NSW
Our September Winner, Liam Barton of WA, with his very own custom DHD Board
Our Sept 2012 Winner, Liam Barton of WA

DHD Surfboard Winners

APRIL 2013 Russell Shulz, NSW

Russell's winning entry:

Its long nose puts Pinocchio to shame. Plenty of hotdogging on a board
that turns on a seashell... life changing!

Congratulations Russell! Enjoy your custom DHD :-)

MARCH 2013 Jenny Bretnall, VIC

Jenny's winning entry:

My own DHD Surfboard would give peace;
"Mum, can I have some money? Can you drive me? Where are my shorts?"
What's that I hear... seagulls, waves, nothing?

Congratulations Jenny! Enjoy the peace & quiet... AND the board!

FEBRUARY 2013 Steven Gundrum, QLD

Steven's winning entry:

Winning this DHD Surfboard would mean my beer would stay cold on
the beach because I would no longer have to use the esky lid as a
boogie board.

Congratulations Steven! Cold beer sounds good to us... Cheers!

JANUARY 2013 Peter Richards, NSW

Peter's winning entry:

I'm closing in on 40, but holding one of these little bad boys would
make me froth like a grom.

Congratulations Peter! We look forward to a photo of you "frothing like a grom" :-)

DECEMBER 2012 Jack Osborne, TAS

Jack's winning entry:

A Darren Handley board under me is just what I need to take on the world.
Every DHD is dipped in success, drizzled with glory and oozing world titles.

Congratulations Jack! We wish you and your new DHD board many happy years together.

NOVEMBER 2012 Linda Moran, WA

Linda's winning entry:

Surfing has taught me to resist the temptation to panic, to live in
the moment, and realise that all it takes is one good wave. DHD rocks!

Congratulations Linda! We hope you catch many great waves on your DHD :-)

   ,(   ,(   ,(   ,(   ,(   ,(   ,(   ,(
`-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `-'  `

OCTOBER 2012 Keiron Lewis, NSW

Keiron's winning entry:

Mick - DHD board, 2 x world champion.
Stephanie - DHD board, 5 x world champion.
Me - No DHD board, 0 x world champion.
Let's try and change that!

Congratulations Keiron! Don't forget us in the acceptance speech when you win your first world title ;-)

SEPTEMBER 2012 Liam Barton, WA

Liam's winning entry:

If I knew I was getting up at 5am every day to pick up a DHD instead of an
old second hand board I wouldn't leave the water! I'd push my limits!

Congratulations Liam! We wish you & your new custom DHD board many happy early mornings together surfing your fave beaches :-)

AUGUST 2012 Bec Lachlan, NSW

Bec's winning entry:

SYMPTOMS: Increased energy, heart palpitations, sweaty palms.
CAUSE: Surfboard withdrawal.
DIAGNOSIS: Massive 'DHD' fan!

Congratulations Bec! We hope the DHD board cures what ails ya ;)

JULY 2012 Fiona Casey, NSW

Fiona's winning entry:

I would have a good new board to shred on through Europe when I do the
Euro Pro junior leg. I'm not sponsored so a free new board helps heaps.

Congratulations! We wish you all the best Fiona. Enjoy the DHD board :-)