Getting There
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Keeping In Touch
To call Australia from the Philippines using your mobile phone, be sure to include +61 in front of both landline and mobile phone numbers, include the area code for landlines and drop the leading 0.
eg mobile +61 414 xxx xxxx
eg landline + 61 7 3212 xxxx

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Winners Gallery
Our November Winner, Linda Moran of WA, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our November Winner, Linda Moran of WA
Son of Keiron Lewis, our October 2012 Winner, enjoying daddy's sick new DHD Board
Son of Keiron Lewis, our October 2012 Winner
Our August Winner, Bec Lachlan of NSW, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our August 2012 Winner, Bec Lachlan of NSW
Our July Winner, Fiona Casey of NSW, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our July 2012 Winner, Fiona Casey of NSW
Our September Winner, Liam Barton of WA, with his very own custom DHD Board
Our Sept 2012 Winner, Liam Barton of WA

Top 10 Surf Spots

8. Cloud Nine Siargao Island, Philippines

The expression "on cloud nine" refers to a state of elation or happiness, so you could say that this wave in the Philippines has a name you can take literally!

Siargao Island is a tear-drop shaped island about 800 kilometres from Manila. Surfing conditions here are at their best from August to November, when the prevailing wind is offshore. Cloud Nine has a worldwide reputation for thick, hollow tubes but below these awesome swells you'll find razor sharp reefs that can do a whole lot of damage to boards and bones, so take care!

Ever since US based Surfer magazine published the first major feature on the island back in 1993, popularity for this budget-friendly surf destination has continued to grow. Being the only wave in the area easily accessible without a boat has lead to overcrowding and the nickname of "Crowd 9" among surfers. So if you can't manage to score a ride here, there are several other quality waves on Siargao and nearby islands.

Did you know...?
This powerful reef break was discovered in the late '80s and was named after an American chocolate bar of the same name. In case you were wondering, it consists of nougat, caramel and peanuts covered in milk chocolate, similar to Snickers. Yum!