Getting There
Flights from Australia will land at Honolulu International Airport. From there, you can fly into Dillingham Airport on the north shore of Oahu and make your way to Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea. Or you can rent a car at Honolulu airport and drive for around an hour.
Keeping In Touch
To call Australia from Hawaii using your mobile phone, be sure to include +61 in front of both landline and mobile phone numbers, include the area code for landlines and drop the leading 0.
eg mobile +61 414 xxx xxxx
eg landline + 61 2 9212 xxxx

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Winners Gallery
Our November Winner, Linda Moran of WA, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our November Winner, Linda Moran of WA
Son of Keiron Lewis, our October 2012 Winner, enjoying daddy's sick new DHD Board
Son of Keiron Lewis, our October 2012 Winner
Our August Winner, Bec Lachlan of NSW, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our August 2012 Winner, Bec Lachlan of NSW
Our July Winner, Fiona Casey of NSW, with her very own custom DHD Board
Our July 2012 Winner, Fiona Casey of NSW
Our September Winner, Liam Barton of WA, with his very own custom DHD Board
Our Sept 2012 Winner, Liam Barton of WA

Top 10 Surf Spots

1. Pipeline Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Located on the island that created surfing, the Banzai Pipeline, or simply "Pipeline" or "Pipe", is a surf reef break found off Ehukai Beach Park on Oahu's North Shore. Banzai Pipeline, thusly named back in 1961, is one of the heaviest waves in the world – its average wave is 9 feet but can get bigger.

During the peak winter months (November to February), the beaches of the North Shore host top surfing competitions including the Pipe Masters (Board Surfing), the IBA Pipeline Pro (Bodyboarding), and the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. From May to September, the waves are far smaller and more gentle, and these summer swells are much better suited to beginners.

Did you know...?
Although not famous for surfing the Pipe, Jack Johnson was hoping to become a professional surfer, but after a nasty wipeout at this famous surf spot, that required over 150 stitches, he decided to become a musician instead.